Litronica Press

Litronica is a new Brooklyn-based publisher of futuristic antiquities.

Call for Artists

Litronica LLC, a new brooklyn-based publisher, is creating a new book in the style of an illuminated manuscript, with modern technically-oriented content. It will contain a series of essays and accompanying illustrations. The goal is to look classical, medieval, while recognizing that the content is in fact of the future.

We're looking for the illustrator to create approximately one dozen full-page illustrations. The content of these will each be based on a single word or phrase that will probably may sound like gibberish to the technically uninclined. It will be up to you to illustrate what it could be, if that word was a thing. We can do this several ways including explaining the concept in advance or leaving it completely to your imagination.

There's an advance, and you'll get royalties from the sales of the book.

Interested? Please send some samples of full page illustrations that would sit well in a kind of weird illuminated manuscript. Medieval, "steam punk", retro future, technical, internet, or anything vaguely old or futuristic or both.